Thursday, November 3, 2011

History In The Making Of Twilight's Trinity Hand/Footprint Ceremony @ Grauman's Chinese Theatre (Nov. 3, 2011)

Breaking Dawn official theatre poster
Robert Pattinson's parents
Robert Pattinson's best friend

Twilight Trinity making their speeches
After four years of the Twilight Saga and "Breaking Dawn Part 1" as the second to the last installment of this world wide, international phenomenon, Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner & Kristen Stewart get their hand and footprints forever imprinted at the historical Hollywood Grauman's Theatre on Nov. 3, 2011. I was so ecstatic to be a part of this event because it is such an honor for the Twilight Trinity to be considered Hollywood Icons. Not many people would think so but tell that to the millions of people who are huge fans and have made "Breaking Dawn Part 1" globally the number one watched movie over and over by their loyal fans. I have heard accounts of the Twi-Hards watching BD part 1 five to six times believe it or not! I kid you not! I just saw it once at the world premier at the Nokia Theatre but that's another article I'll be blogging about...;)

Twilight's Trinity writing their signatures

In attendance that I saw there were Nate Berkus famed from Oprah Winfrey, not sure why he was there. Rob's best friend Brad was there, Producer Wyck Godfrey, his parents, Jimmy Kimmel presented the Trinity with the award with a speech, Stephenie Meyer was there as well bringing a very touching speech. I was standing behind the podium where the microphone was so not a very great view but happy they turned around to give us a smile and hello!

Twilight's Trinity doing the handprints

Famous Twilight stamp i tried to buy off the guys after they imprinted the cement

Twilight's Trinity posing for the press

I have to say the Trinity looked absolutely beautiful, and I was recording pretty much the entire ceremony and photographing the historical event with one camera in one hand and another one to record it. I got there from the Jimmy Kimmel show, camped out there again for Kristen Stewart's taping that day and had others hold my spot while I covered the Grauman's event then return to Kimmel to try and get Kristen's photo with her.

Twilight's Trinity making the handprints

Twilight's Trinity doing the footprints

Rob signing for fans and lookin' so debonair 
Rob seems overwhelmed by the screaming fans

Photos for the press
Rob lookin' cute as usual

Kristen looking overwhelmed by fans
Rob finding the humor in the crazed fans lol
Rob accommodating a fan, he's so nice!

Kristen looking tired but beautiful

love this profile shot of Kristen
My favorite photo shot, I captured Rob's sexiness and beautifulness..;)
If you'd like to watch the video coverage, here is the link.. &

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