First Poster For Tim Burton's “Big Eyes” Released

Tim Burton's new film, “Big Eyes” has it's first poster. The image, which you can see above, is Margaret Keane's most famous painting. Also featuring her signature style, of creating people with oversized eyes.

Margaret Keane is also famous because of several feuds with her husband, who tried to take credit for the work in the 60s.

Rob Riggle Is The Greatest Possible Casting Choice For The Dead Rising Movie

Anybody who has played Dead Rising will know that the series is a zombie comedy. It's all about blood and guts...and funny stuff. So of course they had to cast a brilliant comedic actor. They've done just that in the form of Daily Show correspondent Rob Riggle.

The best part is that he definitely looks the part too. The guy is the spitting image of Frank West, from the series' first entry.

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